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Your Business

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"We are a data driven company that specializes in optimizing and driving customers to brands using an Omnichannel approach. We focus on mutually beneficial relationships with businesses that have the same dedication and passion that we do for growth and success"


Customer Satisfaction. A Positive Customer Experience is the Key for the Brand and for all Customers


Promise.  To Focus on Taking Care of the Brand Which Means Always using Technology to Keep the Customer Data for the Brand


Guranteed Results. We Know Customers do not want Excuses they just want Results

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We aren't just a seller, we care about the Brand

When we wholesale a product that is purchased by Hulka, it becomes our responsibility. We pay for products up front and take all the risk out of your hands

We have the Tools

We use cutting edge technology and dependable data to drive customers to your brand and create seamless transactions with our partners and our online customers

Expert Content

Not all brands are the same so we dont treat them that way. We are experts at creating a tailored relationship that produces results

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